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With professional design, our experts elevate your EMVI / BPKV plans to a higher level.


Where content and design come together.

Crafting a comprehensive (EMVI/BPKV) plan goes beyond mere neatness; both content and design must harmonize. A well-structured layout, coupled with clear illustrations, ensures a document that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also communicates effectively.

Tender projects possess a unique nature: the contracting authority may present challenges, the content often leans towards technical complexity, guidelines can undergo changes, and deadlines may be subject to shifts. It's an inherently human effort, requiring an approach attuned to these variables. We collaborate based on this understanding, ensuring flexibility, continuity, and quality throughout the process.


We offer flexibility and frequently adapt schedules according to the available input. Whether working remotely or on-site, we tailor our approach to your preferences. Additionally, our team of designers is equipped to assist with urgent projects, ensuring prompt and efficient support.

A well-defined layout, coupled with clear illustrations, guarantees a document that is not only easy on the eyes but also effectively communicates, thereby increasing the likelihood of success. While adhering to existing guidelines is a priority in our designs, we are also flexible enough to integrate your corporate identity if that aligns with your preferences.

Added value

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Design & layout

Within the tender document we create pages based on image and text elements. It is essential that the design and composition are carefully considered to achieve a compelling and professional layout.

Illustrations & visuals

Through well-thought-out diagrams and carefully crafted illustrations and drawings, we bring factual information to life, making it accessible and clear. This way we translate every aspect of a process, planning, phasing or analysis into a visual representation.

Template design

Our custom templates for Word, InDesign, or PowerPoint not only simplify your process but also ensure consistency in the corporate identity. They provide a clear starting point, save time and costs, and are tailored to your organization.

Indentity creation

A recognizable corporate identity with a well-thought-out logo, consistent colors, and suitable typography is essential. We offer both templates and custom solutions for a professional corporate identity that reflects your company's core values.

Powerpoint presentations

Our strong presentations combine an effective narrative with convincing visual support. We add animations for a dynamic and streamlined presentation that captivates your audience.


layout ontwerp
layout ontwerp
visuals and illustration design
visuals and illustration design
template ontwerp
template ontwerp

“A good design ensures that your EMVI plan stands out.”

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We are the Nederlandse Maatschap voor Tenderontwerp (NMTO).
Together we have more than 15 years of experience in designing tenders.

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